Success Story

By realizing the food playing a powerful role everywhere, we taught to create a dish that comes with unique trait with extraordinary taste.

Suddenly, we arose of thinking to make different variety of Biryanis along with hand-picked dishes from the royal kitchens of the erstwhile Nawaabs of the Mughal Empire. Then, we indulge ourselves to prepare exotic dishes mixed with delightful herbs and spices to hit the food cravers. We also got succeeded in this attempt!

At this instant, we proudly say that our immense array of Biryanis playing a prodigious part and have created a great impact among the foodies. It is definitely a must visit place for all those Biryani enthusiasts.

We had achieved this really due to our great passion and culture in preparing these sought of recipes. I think this has the supremacy to set you apart from your customers!


Excellent Biryani! We had a Bucket Chicken Dum Biryani. The Biryani itself was well cooked, had the right flavoring and was not oily or heavy. The Chicken pieces in the Biryani were soft and fresh. The best part was the flavor - excellent, without being too much spices or oil.

Delivery was also very good - on time by polite delivery person. Will definitely eat again!

- Sanjeev Mishra

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