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A Royal Feast From The Kitchens of The NAWAAB!
Fine Dining Restaurant in Chennai

As food connoisseurs we have experienced delectable Biryanis from across the country and wanted to spread the joy of experiencing all of them under one roof.

Our Menu is a selection of mouthwatering Biryanis along with hand-picked dishes from the royal kitchens of the erstwhile Nawaabs of the Mughal Empire. As our chefs plate out a royal feast that rolls out Centuries long legacy, you are sure to re-live an era!

Our menu is crafted specially by our chefs and reflects our ethos to give a royal feast that rolls out centuries. Our experienced chefs at Nawaab Sheikh can prepare precise Nawaab-styled cuisines that are loved for its taste and purity. People consider a trip to the city incomplete without a visit to fine dining restaurant in Chennai that serves the best Biryani.

At Nawaab Sheikh Palace, every dish has been handcrafted with fresh spices and decadent ingredients for a royal experience.

We hope that you will relish our food and enjoy the Nawaabi experience.

Why Biryani?

Biryani is a Mouth-Watering Recipe that was given to the Army men during the Nawaab Regime, as they needed Sumptuous and heavy meal. Down the years people developed love for this Lavish Recipe and were mesmerized by the ravishing taste of this Authentic Cuisine, which has a perfect blend of the typical Indian Masala's to add the aroma and spice…

One fine day we decided to breathe this concept in the food platter. We would love to extend this Naawabi legacy to all the foodies globally. Now it is more than year and Biryani lovers can't get enough of it… The delighted customers visit frequently and we have created a benchmark in quality and richness. Kudos to all the Biryani lovers! They have continued to make us big!

Our Mission:

To become the leading brand by serving globally Biryani with traditional taste, delivering quality food, efficient service and value for money.

In the era, when traditional cuisine is losing its dominance to the competitive fast- food industry dominated by Pizza joints and Burger. NAWAAB SHEIKH PALACE stands its grounds holding firm to its traditional roots.

Our Vision:

To delight every guest visiting NAWAAB SHEIKH PALACE Restaurants by serving Traditional Biryani with an elegant approach in a clean, ethnic Ambience followed by Nawaab Sheikh’s Legacy.


Excellent Biryani! We had a Bucket Chicken Dum Biryani. The Biryani itself was well cooked, had the right flavoring and was not oily or heavy. The Chicken pieces in the Biryani were soft and fresh. The best part was the flavor - excellent, without being too much spices or oil.

Delivery was also very good - on time by polite delivery person. Will definitely eat again!

- Sanjeev Mishra

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